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The aim of the Polemics Forum is to offer the opportunity of online publication to all creators of original works. Whether this takes the form of an essay, a piece of prose, a poem, a static image or moving one, the emphasis will be on the originality of the work. Like all original work it will thus be implicitly innovative and polemical and therefore represent a challenge to established mainstream views.

'A kind of presence' (ii)

'A kind of presence' (i)

Established views and ideas are often only so established simply because they are views disseminated by the mainstream media. Though they consequently surround us all they may nevertheless be demonstrably untrue, prejudiced and disproportionate, misleading and manipulative. One such example is how the general public's view of contemporary art is not only influenced, but largely determined by mainstream media coverage (i.e. promotion) and, more often than not, confined to the latest attention-seeking stunts of the so-called 'Brit Artists'. However, what is truly contemporary in the arts is neither covered by nor restricted to, the ambit of mainstream media. A vast diversity of talent and energy exists but which is, most of the time, almost entirely out of the public eye. The Arts, Sciences, Education and Politics no more belong to the media industry than religion is owned by the church. These things belong to those who love and care for them. But, despite the ubiquitous nature of modern communication, the means (e.g. TV, radio, print, web, advertising etc.) remains either paradoxically restrictive, or trivial in its context.

It seems important, therefore, that whoever can present an original piece of work, that is reasoned, articulate and thoughtful and probably indicative of a personal 'voice' or 'vision', should have the chance to do so. Not as a mere demonstration of the ability to jump through the selective establishment hoops, nor as here-today-gone-tomorrow piecemeal reactive comment, but as a serious basis for the experience and discussion that human life needs to have.

Thus the Polemics Forum welcomes ALL original creative work, first for its inherent quality but also as a possible way of being noticed, of dipping a foot in the publishing pool, and as a way of connecting with others of a like mind.

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