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A list of lectures available to book

The following is a list of lecture titles currently available to book for engagement. Any enquiries or questions regarding these lectures should, in the first instance, be emailed to the address shown on the Contact page.

  1. Giovanni Bellini's Saint Francis: A new interpretation.
    The specific subject-matter of Bellini's great portrait of St Francis remains a source of dispute for Art-Historians. But this ground-breaking lecture explores aspects of the painting hitherto overlooked and shows how a new and completely plausible interpretation is not only possible but is perhaps the most likely.
  2. Seeing and Believing: The bases of perception in the graphic arts.
    In this lecture some of the essential principles of practical perception are examined to show how perhaps we do not see what we think we see and to demonstrate the relationship these principles have with painting and drawing.
  3. Kandinsky and the European Tradition: Sense and non-sense in abstract painting.
    One hundred years ago Kandinsky published 'Concerning the Spiritual in Art', the first of his two 'manifestos' for abstract painting. These are now rarely discussed, while their offspring, i.e. abstraction, has flourished largely unquestioned. But do Kandinsky's ideas really make sense and how reliable is his understanding of painting before abstraction? This lecture re-examines the rationale for abstract painting.